What is the Hmong word for technology?


I have been trying to figure this out but haven't had any success. Do we even have a word for it?

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Ryza Vue

That's a good question. It makes me think of words like cereal or shampoo where our translation of it is extremely literal.

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  • NploojNtsuab KavLaus

    there is no direct word for such terminology. Hmong uses very very broad terms to cover these types of words and meanings. The closest term Hmong would use is "Txuj Ci Tshiab Mus Faim Hlawv Taws Xob". Yes, this sounds overkill for such a simple term, but remember, Hmong is a 40year old child who's lost its language for thousands of years because it has and continues to migrate all over the world and has adapted to others commonality.

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  • Vianna Lee

    Thanks NploojNtsuab! Excellent explanation. The direct translation is definitely a mouthful. Our written language was forbaden and lost, and our people were transplanted into the 20th century from their 16th century lifestyles in the mountains and jungles. Our culture is one that is still struggling, learning, and adapting to these confusing modern times. In time perhaps we will formulate new words for things like this.

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